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STRACK manifold plates – the safe alternative!

Meanwhile gas springs are no longer indispensable in the toolmaking, because they provide large spring forces over a long spring path. What here presents as an advantage, however, is also one of their greatest disadvantages. Because the compression rate is very high due to the extremely compact design, the service life at longer stroke paths or high stroke frequencies is extremely low. Especially at the more and more used servo press technology these autonomous gas springs reach their performance limits very quickly.

A further disadvantage of the gas springs is the different running performance. Thus, the provided forces of the gas springs are becoming different more or less quickly. As a result, the tools plates are no longer moving parallel to each other and thus parts of incorrect dimensions or possible tool damages are the consequence.The optimal hosing of the gas springs among each other in fact eliminates the problem, however, the user receives a massive increase in connection points which must be sealed. These are subjected to a continuing movement by pulsating hoses and can lead to problems.

All these disadvantages are avoided by using STRACK manifold plates. Here the manifold plate gas springs are directly screwed in the tool- or machine plate. Within the manifold plate they are interconnected by bore holes and thus don’t have additional connecting points. The integration in a tool- or machine plate is also extremely space-saving.

Within this plate an expansion volume is provided by means of volume holes which results in a flat pressure increase. The low-stress environment ensures that the manifold plate springs can work over an extremely long period of time.The sealing- and guiding elements of the manifold plate springs are produced out of the latest materials to meet the requirements over this long period of time. Furthermore, there is the possibility to relubricate the manifold plate springs at any time to obtain ideal sliding surfaces for the seals. Even after the delivery, the customers will profit from the STRACK NORMA customer service. The initial operation is checked and organized and a repeat test for these systems is arranged. Thus, the customer can focus calmly on the parts output for years and not on possible problems with its spring system.

Of course, the corresponding safety also belongs to this extremely reliable technology. STRACK NORMA produces and checks its systems according to the current legal provisions and the application of the present technical regulations. In doing so, the pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU is an important element for safety inspections. In addition to the German legal provisions, here the safety regulations of other states are also considered.

STRACK NORMA manifold plate systems are individual solutions, tailored to the customers ‘requirements. There are manifold plate systems with different cylinder sizes, which cover a force range of 50 – 20,000 daN and can still be designed variably by means of an adjustable system pressure of 40 – 150 bars. Stroke paths of 6 – 150 mm as standard as well as customer-specific request strokes as special production, combined with three different mounting- and installation variants round off the spectrum of the manifold plate cylinders. Here control panels with integrated burst protections and electronical pressure switches ensure maximum safety, even in the parts output.

Press release 10/17

3D-printed collapsible core in FORM+Werkzeug 5/2017

Collapsible cores for injection-moulding and pressure cast methods.

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PowerMax® light standard cam

Low-cost cam has supplemented standard cam series.

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Z 5131 + Z 5141

New STRACK locking plates for slide holding devices.
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New Products 2017
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Inexpensive alternative

New SE-plates of STRACK NORMA.

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Security features gas springs

For user security, STRACK NORMA developed security features for all gas springs.

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Simply remove punching waste
The pneumatic part conveyor of STRACK NORMA offers the optimal solution.
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Shop / CAD: New product configurator of STRACK NORMA accelerates selection process
Fresh interactive tool promises time savings and simplified decision making.

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STRACK NORMA enlarges its limit switch program

New types immediately available.

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New gas spring-stripper unit for punch retainer plates in polygon shapes

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Accident insurance for the designer
New BAK adapter ensures more security and low costs.

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