Standard aerial cams PMOL

The aerial cam unit program PMOL (L = light) is the low-cost alternative for product series which are only running in low piece numbers or small series (250,000 – 750,000 Hub).

The cams are available in widths of 65 to 400 mm and angles of 0° up to 75° in 5° steps.

There is a compability of the outer dimensions and the screw holes to the existing PowerMax® standard program.

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Two centering variants are available as standard:

1 Centring with slut not

Order example: SN5650-PMOL-0125-5-B-N

2 Centering with dowel pins

Order example: SN5650-PMOL-0125-5-B-Z

On request both centering can be mixed. In this case we need your data.

For this please use the following form Technical customer data


Centering with slot nuts

Centering with dowel pins

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